Mia Cucina


Mia Cucina is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Taipei. Their menu is has so many  options that it is impossible to choose only ONE meal.

At Mia Cucina they don't  add cornstarch nor flour to their soups and they definitely understand how to prepare a satisfying salad. Salads are HUGE, and ingredients go from eggplant to  tofu, to asparagus, to nuts (etc>>?). If you want to take a look at their menu, just click here to visit their FB page.

Mia Cucina is located just a few minutes from Zhishan Station (捷運芝山站), next to SOGO ...here's the map. They're open from 11am to 9pm.

Now the only thing missing is for you to get your butt off the couch and your computer off your belly (it's bad for your ovaries!) and go try this amazing place!