A How-To Guide

How I (attempt to ) seduce the oposite sex  while I have my agua de coco.

When the previous fail I am forced to pull out my secret weapon...

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about the mooncakes (no , not that type)  and barbecues in every corner of the city.Since I had neither of them I decided  to  make my day a bit more interesting . I've always loved the idea of rooftop picnics , parties ( I had one but the neighbors were not so thrilled about it) or any excuse to take pictures of  myself pretending to be cool at a rooftop gathering. People make it seem so picture-perfect and easy that I thought it was impossible for me to fail.  Obviously , as is to be expected,  my photo shoot resulted in a battle against the wind and rain caused by a passing typhoon. After I failed to fulfill my dream I chose to do what everyone does on rainy days... EAT.