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Sunday was a SUPER(ga) kind of day !

As usual, I had my juice from 草歌 Grass Song  and then did nothing more than walk around the city. When you live in Taipei it is very common to spend the day wandering around, finding something to eat or drink, or pretending you’re Dora the Explorer. To be honest, I was only looking for an excuse to test-drive my weird skirt on a windy day, and may I say "she" passed with flying colors! That little weird thing did not embarrass me in any way, she kept still and adapted to my body even during the strongest winds. My not Miu Miu but Meow Meow tee, on the other hand, kept trying to sell my tiny and almost microscopic upper friends (0 0) . But that was just a minor problem ... nothing a quick semi-tuck couldn't fix. At the end of the day all my body parts were safe and sound, outfit approved.

*Have a great day !
**(Lutfi is you are reading this , Happy Birthday! ILU)