"The Glow"


I went from flexitarian to vegetarian to vegan , to finally raw vegan. In other words, I’ve tried everything out there just to feel energetic and happy. When I went raw vegan I did not do it  to lose weight , my ultimate  goal was to eliminate fatigue and make my skin glow. Mission accomplished, I now GLOW  like a jellyfish! The easiest way to start is by adding one raw meal a day. If you really can’t swallow your greens , you can try making a green smoothie! I know …EWW . But really , green smoothies are very sweet and take away any weird craving you might  have at 4:00 pm ! (HA! We all get those. )

Hulk Smoothie : Banana + Spinach + Green Grapes+ Pear

I usually do 2 frozen Bananas + 1 Cup of chopped Spinach + a few Green Grapes or Blueberries if I don’t have grapes + 1 Pear .

If you don’t like bananas you can use pears to create the same creamy consistency.

After that you'll feel unstoppable!