The Umbrella Effect


Taipei: the city where an umbrella can change your Karma.

Last week as we left Sky Garden, I was TOLD by a friend to grab an umbrella before getting into my cab. Little did I know that the umbrella belonged to an innocent person still inside the bar who was hoping to find it right where he left it. 

As we waited for the cab, a young gentleman approached us and politely said, "Hey, that looks a lot like my umbrella". I immediately answered with the same degree of politeness and said "Really? No problem, take this one, we have another one" I think I handled it pretty well...

One week later: The Law of Karma

Yesterday, as I came out of Zara, my cheap, old, beat-up, navy blue, 7/11 umbrella was gone! There were a hundred better options to take and someone decided to go for mine! Really? The broke girl’s umbrella? There's only one way to approach this... KARMA! This is the second umbrella I’ve bought in the last 3 months. I have even considered adding “Umbrellas” to my monthly expenses.  

On the bright side, the universe was kind enough to stop the rain until I got home. For now, I’ll just go buy candles and do good deeds. You never know, maybe someone will feel my pain and get me a new umbrella for Christmas. 


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