Thor's Cape


A few days ago I had to run errands around windy Xinyi District (信義區)and what better idea than to take Thor's cape for a stroll. The cape goes back to the 90's and if I am not mistaken my two little sisters are also victims (?) of this fashion trend.  

When I was even younger, my sister and I would always use our dad's closet as our shopping store.  We would steal all of his cool shirts up to the day he began noticing that they were magically disappearing. As expected, he was not thrilled about the inventory reduction. Every time he wanted to wear a specific shirt it was already part of our manly collection.That also happened a lot with his vintage Levi's jeans, but that's another story.  Sadly we have no brothers so we were forced to start buying our own shirts. 

As our collection grew larger and our creativity fell short we tried to come up with new ways of wearing the shirts. Thankfully at the end of the day, out of need and frustration, we came up with Thor's cape!