Boy Love

If you are hoping to read about a love story then I suggest you start looking somewhere else. I am an Aquarius , I don't do that stuff , are we clear?

As I started writing I noticed I was being exceedingly explicit and honest about things . To be safe I decided to check the moon and stars first . It seems that I should be following the rule of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” and excuse myself from conversations that begin to veer in a gossipy direction (Thanks Because that didn't seem to tell me much I went for my other horoscope guide but it suggested I  clean up the mess in my room ,which is totally not happening. 

Now back to business, my boy look ! Now that I think about it I may have taken the boy thing (a little) too far .But as my British history (a.k.a. Spiritual History) teacher said last week "there is no past  or future, there is only NOW" . And NOW I'm forever stuck with these pictures! In my defense, this outfit looks remarkably different if you wear a pair of high heeled court shoes  that I did not buy because I live in Taiwan ,  a place where wearing a size 9.5 is considered abnormal! 

To cover my big hips and butt I wore a pair of stolen  tight skinny jeans . As for my  nonexistent boobs, I hid them under a boy shirt and a black (everyday) sweater. The Bling is a combination of everything and if you really want to know (I'm guessing you don't) leave a comment or give The Bird a LIKE for heavens sake! I'd be thrilled to answer any questions!


PS: Hi Michael