How I lost it.

Attempt No. 2 *Never trust the "SAVE" button.

Today was an exceptionally BIG day not because Carlos Reina won the presidential elections in  1993 or because in 1984 Trey Songz was born. It is not even because tomorrow is Friday and I have Body Pump with the best instructor in Taipei! It is because Pull & Bear finally opened in Taiwan! This means we do not, and I repeat, we do not depend (so much) on Zara anymore! For the first time we have more options and they have HATS and beanies! That's how I lost it. PERIOD. 



I was acting perfectly normal, looking at the garments, taking pictures and even analyzing colors and fabrics when all of a sudden I saw a big black hat! I was wearing all black and Riri's favorite red lipstick from MAC. The hat would have been the cherry on top !

I wore the hat for hours until I decided to change it for one with less dust. I still don't understand why I did that. Even though the hat only comes in one size this one felt bigger and did not fit the same way. When I went back to get the previous one it was nowhere to be found ! The big black hat was stolen by some weird lady with the same awesome taste in hats. 


After that, I came across a colorful beanie that stole my heart. Even though I am not in a color phase right now there was something about the beanie that stood out. As I was telling a lovely lady from Beijing, for the last few months I have been pretending I'm Mr. Wang and I only wear black,white,gray and navy (it's easier). She said she had been going through the same phase and I believe her as she was wearing all black and had shiny red lips! 

At the end of the night I came home with a new best friend, the beanie who stood by me through thick and thin.

Welcome to the family Mr. Beanie. 

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