Me VALE-ntines

Who needs men or boys when you've got this amazing Valentine's Day Kit ? No ice-cream, chocolates or junk that'll make your hips regret it the day after, and no sexy lace underwear from La Perla . I'm talking about unique items that you will always love. (Real love ladies, real love...)

I hope these little things give you butterflies and make you smile. 

With love, 

The B1rd

  1. Mrs. Carter Sweatshirt by UNTITLED & CO. 
  2. Kate Spade "PARIS AND THE SINGLE GIRL BOOK" clutch.
  3. Floral Head CROWN.  - I'd rather wear flowers on my head than diamonds around my neck.
  4. MASLIN & CO. Legs Keychain - I think I need a new pair of legs.
  5. MISS PENNY'S EMANUELLE - Just Because
  6. Mac Instigator Lipstick- Punk Collection 
  7. A Kitty Clutch ! MEOW- In this case , Charlotte Olympia won the cat fight.
  8. Flawless Sweatshirt by UNTITLED & CO. 
  9. A friend or an Inflatable T-Rex!