The Ugliest most Awesome shoes

If you were to describe a pair of creepers to a friend, they might not sound as desirable as you would like . I think not even a picture would be enough to convince your friend that she should get a pair. 

That was me a few weeks back , when I thought creepers were an unnecessary (not to mention ugly) addition to my closet. But everything changed when I tried on those  (excessively overpriced) Prada Creepers . Why did I do that?  Those shoes cost the same as a plane ticket from Taipei to L.A. ! Oh well, what really matters is the aftershock. 

I am officially obsessed with  platforms, creepers and punk shoes( not too punk though ) . I know summer is not even over but I can't wait for Fall to start wearing ugly-awesome shoes.

Who am I kidding? Who cares if summer is not over yet ! I'll start wearing platforms and creepers as soon as my wallet can afford a pair !