THEB1RD is a reflection of what I believe in and of all the things I want to achieve. But I think only a few people know the real reason behind the THEB1RD.

Have you ever stared at a bird’s beak? If you haven’t , Google it right now. Do you see it? 

I look like a bird! I have that unique puffy upper lip and uncontrollable messy hair. And I love it. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. 

THEB1RD has taught me that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, even if it means being born with a unique upper lip. 

I’ve learned that real beauty is about confidence, character and personality. It is about loving every single thing that makes you unique

So next time you hear THEB1RD, I really hope it inspires you to be
 You, Yourself, Unique.

X, Andrea


What makes you YOU-nique?