A Guide to Awesomeness

 (Photo via  Garance Dore ) 

(Photo via Garance Dore

“I don’t like to see women dressing for other people and dis-empowering themselves.” Phoebe Philo

Call it the Philo Effect, or perhaps it's people finally coming to terms with the fact that it is okay for women to wear sneakers everyday. Whatever it is, I am a big fan of it and I hope it never goes away . For the first time I can wear sneakers everyday without getting weird looks from the pretty polished gals. And yes, it is true that I own more sneakers than heels but that doesn't necessarily make me "less woman" or less feminine. ( Does it ? )

I think it's more about being yourself and dressing for yourself than it is about following a certain fashion trend. I guess what I'm trying to say is that regardless of your fashion inclination (boho, classic, girly, edgy, indie, rock, you get the point) a new pair of kicks is always a smart investment.

So sit back and enjoy The B1rd's favorite white kicks inspired by the amazing Ms. Philo ! 

Don't be greedy , you can only choose one !