Skin Tee // Miley Cyrus & Marc Jacobs


Wearing : Skin Tee - Miley Cyrus by Marc Jacobs  //  Zara Skirt  //  Nike Huarache Sneakers

I still remember the day we took these pictures. Steamy fevers, sandpaper throat, runny nose, and puffy eyes... I felt exhausted and weak, and I could only think of staying in bed all day. Any normal person would have done just that but I wasn't going to let that flu stop me from getting my shots! Litres of water and gallons of herbal tea later, I was feeling a lot better. 

I guess Miley was right; we really can't stop! 


Miley Cyrus is just one of the many celebrities to bare all for Marc Jacobs’ skin cancer awareness t-shirts. The campaign was started back in 2006, by Jacobs and Robert Duffy to generate funds for the NYU Skin Cancer Institute. 

 The tee can be purchased on for $35. All proceeds from sales of the T-shirt will be donated to the Skin Cancer Institute.

Shots by R.H.