Healthy TPE

Trying to stay healthy is difficult when you are constantly dining out. But whether it is because you're too lazy to cook  or because it's part of your social schedule, there is always a way to balance these two. 

I think eating out is a big part of Taipei's culture. In fact more than 90% of people eat out. So how do you stay healthy in Taipei ? For me, it's all about choosing healthy restaurants like Mia Cucina or Herban . If you like salads ask for the dressing on the side, and order olive oil and vinegar just in case  the dressing is "too fat". 

In Taiwan people like to share dishes, and that's a habit that has stuck with me. At Mia Cucina we usually get a big salad and a pasta dish and share it. Healthy eating is all about balance and moderation , no need to starve or restrict your caloric intake.  ;-) 

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