Firenze, Heart of the Renaissance


I have fallen in love with Florence, a city with extreme beauty, history, and elegance. During the last year I've been blessed with the opportunity to visit several cities in Italy, but regardless of where I go, there is something that makes Firenze feel so special. Everything is so simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Just look at the Mercato CentralePalazzo Pitti - home to the first fashion shows in the 1950's and  the Renaissance art and architecture everywhere in the city. It's impossible to overlook how this city manages to merge the past, present, and future in such a unique way. 

Photos by Caterina Fiaschi

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 Photos by Caterina Fiaschi

Photos by Caterina Fiaschi

  Favorite Firenze, Italy  Via  THEYDRAWANDTRAVEL

Favorite Firenze, Italy  Via THEYDRAWANDTRAVEL