Start the week STRONG with these workout moves

I've spent the weekend looking for new workouts to try at the gym this week. After watching a dozen videos on Youtube, I came across this compilation of some of Izabel Goulart's workouts. 

In case you don't follow her on Instagram yet, this beautiful Victoria's Secret model is a fitness role model. She shares photos from her everyday life as well as amazing workout videos and tips on how to get those long lean legs we're all dying to have.

I'm sure this video will make you step up your Monday workout and will have you looking "hawt" in a few ( or more than a few) weeks! Just in time for Halloween or 15 de Septiembre.

Have a great Monday and remember, Mondays are not so bad if you eat vanilla ice cream for breakfast and get your butt to the gym. 

PS: I was kidding when I said Halloween, I always dress up as  a scary witch or an ugly scarecrow !