Apertivo time in Florence @Ditta Artigianale


Ditta Artigianale is not your average coffee shop. In fact, it is one of the few places in Florence that resembles a shop in Austin, NYC or even one in Hong Kong.  Ditta, as most people call it, is famous for its specialty coffee selection. They source directly from farmers all over the world. I met Francesco , one of the owners, almost two years ago in Honduras. He was on a business trip and happened to stop by a coffee shop I frequented a lot. 


This year Ditta Artigianale opened a second location with a beautiful design. The place is absolutely amazing, and perfect to enjoy drinks during Aperitivo time. ( kind of like happy hour but better and classier) 


The first cocktail I tried is a perfect Sunday Brunch drink. It is a very spicy bloody mary created by Naty, half Italian / half Colombian . If you are (hangover maybe) looking for something spicy, organic and refreshing , give this drink a try.  

 Bloody Mary with Organic Tomato Juice 

Bloody Mary with Organic Tomato Juice 

 Empanadas at Ditta Artigianale

Empanadas at Ditta Artigianale


If you are looking for a drink during aperitivo go for the Ditta Artigianale Spritz, based on gin, prosecco, soda and basil leaf, or a modern Negroni, that blends gin, Campari bitters vermouth and high-quality bitter with orange marmalade and ginger.

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Ditta Artigianale
Address: Via dello Sprone, 3/5/R, 50125 Firenze
Phone:055 045 7163