Pom Poms the New Avocado


In case you didn't know I've been obsessed with pom poms for a while now. According to WIKIPEDIA pom poms are "loose, fluffy, decorative balls or tufts of fibrous material". In other words, cute little things we stick to everything possible just to make them more extravagant. I can't blame you for that, because I do it myself.  

I personally have a furry one I got at TOPSHOP in New York. I've named it Fluffy... I know very creative. I attached it to my everyday bag and now my tote looks like a million bucks!  If you live in Honduras you might want to check out THE HEELS store, Forever 21 or Victoria's Boutique. I'm pretty sure they also carry them. 

For international readers, try Topshop, Shopbop or Forever21 as well. 

Other designers took their pom pom obsession to a whole new level. Here are a few of my favorite.