The Fit Combo

Here's an easy guide to stand out from the Lululemon masses. 


Laain Top (here)

The Upside Bra  (Available at Net-a-Porter

Laain Leggings (here)

State of Escape Bag (A.S.O. The Grace of Tales)

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (here)


When it comes to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, looking great is definitely a huge part of it. Having an inspiring activewear wardrobe can actually go a long way in getting you motivated.

Luckily, hundreds of fitness fashion brands have emerged this year due mainly to high street fashion trends and the boutique style fitness movement (which has not yet reached my country). People want options that suit each type of training as well as each type of personality! From what I've seen, Zumba dancers are all about BRIGHT NEON COLORS, while Yoga lovers prefer solid neutral colors to keep everything balanced. But regardless of what type of workout you're doing, or even if you aren't doing any, (I know a few) here's a useful guide that will help you get new fitness brands into your closet.