Gucci items every fashion blogger should own this Fall


Are you a fashion blogger?  Yes? 

Do you own a pair of Gucci Loafers?  

No? Then go break your piggy bank and get yourself a pair of Real Gucci furry loafers! Just kidding! You know I'm not all about brands. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal style. But for one second let's be honest! GUCCI is making a comeback and every single item is an AMAZING piece of art. This fall, Gucci deserves all my money plus the one that I don't have!

I've noticed that ever since I started walking to work I've become more obsessed with Gucci's latest collection. I stare at the window displays, I daydream for 5 minutes and then continue walking to avoid getting being late. When I finally get to work, poor Alice has to hear me talk for hours about how pretty everything is. ( I also flood her Instagram inbox with photos of furry loafers. )  I tried getting the red loafers last week but I'm still waiting for my size (9.5 if you feel like gifting me a pair ) to arrive in-store. Hopefully, big foot ( yep that's me) will be lucky enough to get her pair soon! 

CIAO a tutti ,

Andrea ( the female Andrea)