10 things you should consider before going vegan


Going vegan is not something you decide overnight. It is usually a process that starts by cutting out most meat, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, avoiding cheese, until finally eliminating all dairy products from your diet. 

It is a process that may take years of trying until the habit becomes part of your lifestyle. At least that is my case and, I'm still not there yet. 

One of the hardest things of moving back to my country has been explaining my diet to people. It isn't something that I like to bring up in conversations, but people are always curious and I totally understand. They always want to know what I eat, and why I choose to avoid dairy and meat. It is not easy. And it only becomes harder at social gatherings where everything has milk, butter or meat in it. 

I don't even think my current diet has a name. It's funny because people always tell me , hey there's fried rice and pasta, you do eat that right? Well yes and no, I do eat rice, but I don't eat anything fried, I do eat pasta, but if I do my plate must be at least 70% raw veggies a.k.a. huge salad and 30% pasta. I told you , it's complicated. I guess I could say I eat a highly raw , mostly vegan diet. Maybe...

 I've put together 10 things you should consider before going vegan. 

  1. Your friends and family will ask a lot of questions, and the older generations will always tell you how your great-great-great grandmother used to eat absolutely everything and she was extremely healthy. 
  2. The jokes will NEVER stop. My mom always tells me,  "Hey there's a whole grilled chicken just for you " . My advice, don't take it personal, just laugh. 
  3. Giving up cheese isn’t hard  when you have YEAST FLAKES! 
  4. Most of your meals will be served in a bowl! I do love the fact that I eat greens, grains, healthy fats and protein all in ONE bowl. (Perks: Less dishes to wash.) 
  5. Sometimes you'll feel alone, but this usually happens when you're very hungry and there is nothing to eat. 
  6. A vegan diet doesn't have to be more expensive. Coconuts, watermelon, bananas, avocados, beans, tortillas, are all very cheap in my country. Find what's in season, and eat local. 
  7. You'll inspire people even if that's not why you started. People notice, even when your approach to influence is of the “quiet” form.
  8. People will know, even if you prefer not to tell, they will know and they will ask. 
  9. Vegan options are not necessarily healthy. Always read the labels. 
  10. A vegan diet won't make you lose weight, a HEALTHY VEGAN DIET will. 
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