I cried during Soulcycle


It takes a class at Soulcycle to understand what happens inside that room. A lot of people who spin, think Soul is just an overpriced spinning class but you're all mistaken, haha . After trying a "kind of" Soulcycle in Hong kong I immediately became obsessed. I was having a hard week and I decided to let it all out at the studio. I usually work out so I thought I was ready for it. But my surprise was that I was not even close to being ready!! 

When you enter one of those studios the mood immediately changes. The place is clean and pretty and there are words of encouragement everywhere. The songs and the instructor transport you to another place. We all ride together and face our biggest demons. NO KIDDING 

I felt so so good after my first class that I promised myself that I would always find a studio wherever I went. 

And so my love story begins... I went to Soulcycle in Miami, San Francisco, Washington D.C and New York haha. I've really tried a few. Some better than others.  I've only had one class I didn't love, and I cried during my last one in New York.  I think it was the song or something but I cried like a baby. Sobbing and everything.... They played Fragile by Kygo and I collapsed. I think the song just made me think about everything I've gone through but at the end I felt so so strong. #YONCESTRONG . I felt like I could accomplish everything I set my mind to . I felt enlightened and free. I think that if more people would do Soul at least once a week this world would be a better place... seriously. 

Hope you all get to try Soul once in your life. It's something powerful. 

If you feel the same way I do about SC, leave me a comment! :) I would love to read more about it! 

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